Cluster Cascade [EP]

by Meet Pause

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released August 2, 2011

Tiny Giant Records

© 2011 All Songs Written & Arranged by Meet Pause.
All Rights Reserved.

Recorded January-April 2011 by Scott Thompson @ The One-Ten-Ten

Mixed May 2011 by Andrew Krivonos @ The Brewery Recording Studio

Mastered June-July 2011 by Jamal Ruhe @ West West Side Music



all rights reserved


Meet Pause New Brunswick, New Jersey

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Track Name: Cell Blocks & River Docks
Your trials were tribulations that left me overjoyed. I never have ever known someone who makes me want them more. But I made a mistake, I never wanted it to turn out this way. I never meant to go. You sent me here alone. And if I'd only known, you wanted nothing to do with love. But now, I'm here and I'm not coming home. You got me with your hooks, and then you strung me along. I couldn't resist your sultry looks and your siren's song. But now you're making me pay, for something that you call fair play.
Track Name: (Don’t) Get the F*ck Out of Jersey
Deluded fantasies of neon lights that hit the streets. Can’t you see the poverty that’s underneath. Isolation makes you whole, and I will never play that role. City skylines peak atop the rolling trees beneath. How can it be there’s so much more you need? I’ve given everything so you and I can be at peace. If you can’t stand to be around, then get the fuck out. I can tell you know, see that poverty below. It’ll never be the thing that satisfies me. Can there be more you need? I’ve given everything. I need you.
Track Name: Cluster Cascade
Let the lens record the image of our modern work of art. We fight the urge to spoil it, hiding smiles at least as long as it takes to see a flash, till we can’t contain our laughs. We clench each other’s hands until we can get it over with. As we’re dancing in the kitchen like toy soldiers arm-in-arm. It’s not enough to hold you. In fact, all I can recall is looking out for your lips, keeping watch of your fingertips. As we swing and sway you make your beating heart nearby to mine. Despite how they may cluster, you and I, we made it through the night. And when I kissed you softly, morning burned right through the dark. Those cold cascading tears have made a stream that no damn could hold, and we’ll try to convince each other that it was never anything more. It was so much more.
Track Name: Lakes, Ladders, Laboratories
We're lying head to foot amid the turning woods but honestly I'm only watching you. And as we're on the grass the blade push on our backs, holding up a new chance at love. A motion picture show. It’s time to go, but I hope that you don't want to go home. I don't mean to rush but your hair is so in danger of being brushed over your ear. Each step is closer to the top, keep on climbing, never stopping, until you have finally worn me out. Laboratory sentiments are emotional experiments, designed to keep the world from finding out.
Track Name: Coworkers
This whiskey tenders a mark for her to find. So I can walk her home and we “co-wreck” for the night. All these drinks make for bitter lips by tomorrow, and for all the more a bitter kiss goodbye. I try to govern this city while she just sits overlooking the water. What is it gonna take? Let’s keep pushing together until we both break. I can’t remember promises more than she forgets, subjecting myself to nightmares without rest, of all these ghosts in my head. She keeps running up that hill. She realized she keeps running up. I can’t keep up.